Dark Alliance - by Gary Webb

Dark Alliance written by Gary Webb

Carlos Lehder and George Jung set out to flood America with cocaine.  Not until they had smuggled massive amounts of the drug into the US were they stopped.  Although Lehder and Jung are no-longer in the smuggling business, others are.

This book looks at how the whole process got started (and why it was not stopped).  The publisher provides an overview of the work which Gary Webb (the author) calls Dark Alliance:

Dark Alliance is a book that should be fiction, whose characters seem to come straight out of central casting ... But unfortunately, these characters are real and their stories are true.

In August 1996, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb stunned the world with a series of articles in the San Jose Mercury News reporting the results of his year-long investigation into the roots of the crack cocaine epidemic in America, specifically in Los Angeles.

The series, titled "Dark Alliance," revealed that for the better part of a decade, a Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to Los Angeles street gangs and funneled millions in drug profits to the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contras.

Now Gary Webb has pushed his investigation even further in his book, Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion. Drawing from recently declassified documents, undercover DEA audio and videotapes that have never been publicly released, federal court testimony, and interviews, Webb demonstrates how our government knowingly allowed massive amounts of drugs and money to change hands at the expense of our communities.

The book is not available for online reading via Google Books.

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