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On the day he disappeared in the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Dewey Revette was 48 years old.  He was a driller from State Line, Mississippi.

The National Commission, investigating what happened aboard the rig on the 20th of April, 2010, released a "Report to the President." That report describes Dewey's last moments:

Sometime between 9:40 and 9:43 p.m., drilling mud began spewing from the rotary onto the rig floor. This appears to have been the first moment Revette or others realized that a kick had occurred. At about that time, Anderson and assistant driller Stephen Curtis returned to the rig floor.

The men took immediate action. First, they routed the flow coming from the riser through the diverter system, deciding to send it into the mud-gas separator rather than overboard into the sea (which was another option). Second, they closed one of the annular preventers on the BOP to shut in the well.

At roughly 9:45 p.m., assistant driller Curtis called senior toolpusher Ezell to tell him that the well was blowing out, that mud was going into the crown on top of the derrick, and that Anderson was shutting the well in.

Their efforts were futile. By the time the rig crew acted, gas was already above the BOP, rocketing up the riser, and expanding rapidly. At the Commission’s November 8, 2010, hearing, a representative from Transocean likened it to “a 550-ton freight train hitting the rig floor,” followed by what he described as “a jet engine’s worth of gas coming out of the rotary.”

The flow from the well quickly overwhelmed the mud-gas separator system. Ignition and explosion were all but inevitable. The first explosion occurred at approximately 9:49 p.m.

On the drilling floor, the Macondo disaster claimed its first victims. (See "Report to the President," at pages 129-130 of the PDF online version.)

One of those victims was Dewey.

As noted in the excerpt from the "Report to the President," Dewey is believed to have died while working on the rig floor.


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