Defending Britain against Anglo-Saxon Invasions - Portchester

Even before Rome left Britannia, Anglo-Saxons tried to invade Britain. The Romans defended against such invasions by building forts along Britain's coast.

Portchester, located in southern England, was one of the forts built along what became known as the "Saxon Shore." Portchester is also known as Portus Adurni.

In later years, after Rome abandoned its province of Britannia—and the island was subjected to invasions by Saxons and Normans—a castle was built at Portchester. This photo, taken from the Castle by Charles Miller in April of 2010, depicts what is left of the Roman fort (some walls and bastions) together with the Saxon gate and a Norman priory church. **


Portchester is not far from the current city of Portsmouth and is very near Portsmouth Harbour. It was originally built in the mid-to-late third century (although the names of its actual builders are lost to history).

The illustration at the top of this page, from the BBC's Primary History, depicts how Porchester likely appeared during Roman times.

** Charles Miller's photo is licensed via CC BY-2.0 and is online via Wikimedia Commons.

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Media Credits

Illustration online via BBC - Primary History: Roman Defence of Britain.


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