Derwent Water - Britain's Lake District

Derwent Water - Britain's Lake District Visual Arts Geography

Derwent Water (also written as Derwentwater) is one of the principal bodies of water in Britain's Lake District.  The web site, Visit Cumbria, provides information about this lake:

Derwentwater, at 3 miles long, 1 mile wide and 72 feet deep, is fed by the River Derwent catchment area in the high fells at the head of Borrowdale, and has a long historical and literary background. There are four islands, all owned by the National Trust, as is much of the shoreline. The Lake is very much a landscape of moods, varying from the dramatic waves splashing against Friar's Crag when driven by southerly gales, to the absolute mirror calm of early mornings.

The most popular way to enjoy the beauty of the lake, other than by walking the paths around its shores, is to board one of the motor launches which operate round the lake. The launch stops at Ashness Gate, Lodore, High Brandlehow, Low Brandlehow, Hawes End and Nichol End.

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