Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Do You Wonder About The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? By Joseph Pickett

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 An artist's rendering of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been a mystery ever since people have tried to find it. Supposedly the Garden was built in 600 B.C. for the queen of Babylon. The king wanted to please her so he made one of the seven wonders of the world. It is supposedly located in Present day Iraq, but people aren’t sure still so it’s an educated guess.

The Hanging Gardens, contrary to popular belief, aren’t actually hanging. The plants are hanging off the edges but, they’re growing so not hanging. They built a vaulted building then they added soil and then they planted plants. Water was everywhere at the site so the plants could live for a long time without maintenance. Once again the look can vary to abandoned and rugged or rich and beautiful.

Some people believe this story about the gardens is fake and that the Assyrians built the building not the Babylonians. The Assyrians are an ethnic group residing in the Middle East. They think this because some lived in present day Iraq where supposedly the garden was built. The king of the Assyrians lived and supposedly built the gardens, not king Nebuchadnezzar.

This is the only wonder of the ancient world that may or may not be real because of the circumstances. No one has found it and ancient texts aren't too descriptive as to where it is or what it’s near. But all we have so far are speculations and that’s not going to find anything. Also there are engravings on panels of stone, but it’s just trees and some flowers. So we don’t know if it’s about it or just some forest or an artwork.

So the Hanging Gardens of Babylon might be a joke but then there’s the other side of it - it might be real. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are mysterious and that's the fun of it, you can be the one to find it. All you need is to try hard enough and maybe you can make the wonder true and not a myth.

So the Hanging Gardens is a wonder to be seen if you can find them. That's all; signing out.

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