Student Stories on the Great Pyramid of Giza - Do You Wonder about the Seven Wonders by Nolan Olson

A picture of the Pyramids of Giza


The Pyramids of Giza are a very remarkable place. Not a lot of people know where it comes from, but some people say that alien beings made it. The more logical answer is king Khufu made the pyramids—which the king got all of his slaves and workers to build.

This was going to be where the pharaoh Khufu, from the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom, would have a resting home for himself for when he died. They built three of them for a reason, for the complex, but Khufu's would be higher and better than the rest of the pyramids.

The famous pyramids of Giza were built for the fourth dynasty and were finished around 2560 BCE. It took in total about 23 years to build the Great Pyramid by hand.

This seventh wonder was built in Giza, Egypt. It was built by the pharaoh Khufu and when he died he eventually rested here in his golden tomb. It was in a great area. They built it out of warty dried-up sand and it was 481 feet tall.

The great pyramid is more like the great tomb. This one of seven wonders was a resting home for king Khufu. All of this worked because when he died he got mummified and he was put in the tallest and middle pyramid underground.

This one wonder is made of dried up sandstone and there were 2,300,000 blocks. Each one weighs about 2.5 tons and it took about 100,000 people to take the blocks up.

A cool thing is that the Great Pyramid is about 146 meters tall, and it is one of few of the seven wonders that has not been destroyed. You can see it today as a natural monument. It is the only pyramid that has four curved sides, that is why I think that this is one of the coolest seven wonders in the world.

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