Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment

Written in 1866, Crime and Punishment  features the city of St. Petersburg.  We learn about its character, its "underbelly," as Professor Jones calls that part of town where people live in overcrowded tenements. 

"Young man," Marmeladov addresses Roskolnikov .  "Do you know what it means when you have nowhere to go?"

Or ... "How much can a poor, but respectable, girl earn by honest work?" 

What does life hold, for such a girl?  "She won't earn 15 kopeks a day!" 

What is "honest" work?  Can a young woman stay "respectable" if she is forced into "dishonest" work?

Before he wrote about sorrows, and suffering and tears, Dostoevsky studied  engineering.  That subject did not interest him the way literature did, however.  Fyodor Mikhailovich longed to be a writer.

Before one of the greatest writers of the modern world could personally understand - and explore - his chosen subjects, he would take a detour to Siberia.  Before he could write about the anguish of others, he would first experience the path of sorrow...and suffering...and tears...himself.

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From the British television series, "The Modern World: Ten Great Writers." 

This video clip is from the episode, "Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment," which originally aired on 24 January 1988.  Online, courtesy BFI and YouTube.

David Hinton

David Hinton

Professor John Jones
Merton College, Oxford

Ian McDiarmid

Katy Behean

Mrs. Marmeladov:
Mair Coleman

Charlie Drake

Douglas Hodge

Timothy Spall

Old Woman:
Ann Way

Underground Man:
Patrick Malahide

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