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This image depicts a view of the F.M. Dostoevsky Literary Museum in Omsk. Omsk is the place, in Siberia, where Dostoevsky spent time in a penal colony.

We learn more about the Omsk State Dostoevsky Literary Museum from its official website:

One of the oldest buildings in Omsk is the house constructed in 1799 for the commandants of the Omsk Fortress. In July of 1859 Dostoevsky visited the house as the guest of the last commandant, A.K. de Grave.

On January 28, 1983, the F.M. Dostoevsky Literary Museum was opened here At first an affiliate of the Omsk State Museum of History and Literature, it gained independent status in 1991. The museum is devoted to the literary history of Siberia as whole. The central part of its collection, however, is dedicated to F.M Dostoevsky, and above all to the Omsk period of his biography (1850-1854).

Among other important items, at the museum, are:

  • A first edition of Notes from the House of the Dead
  • Issues of the journals Time, Notes from the Fatherland and Russian Messenger
  • First publications of Dostoevsky's novels
  • Other materials important in the life of this still-famous writer

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