Dr. Robert Goddard - Rare Video Footage

Dr. Robert Goddard - a genuine rocket scientist whose pioneering work still impacts space travel and today's rockets - was a visionary.  During the early years of his work, however, he was ridiculed by the American press.  Reporters could just not understand the scope of Goddard's ideas.

NASA has released rare historical footage of Dr. Goddard.  In its description of this clip, NASA tells us the following:

This film contains rare archive footage of Robert Goddard, a rocket pioneer of the 1920's and '30's who was the first to use liquid propellant.  This excerpt is from the "'Moonwalk Series:  Episode 1:  The Day Before," a four-part documentary series made in the 1970's about the Apollo 11 mission.

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Media Credits

Archival footage, from NASA, regarding Dr. Robert Goddard.  Online, courtesy NASA.


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