Dracula - Mercury Theatre on the Air

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Orson Welles, and his Mercury Theatre troupe, brought Bram Stoker's story of Dracula to the radio.  This is the broadcast which originally aired on July 11, 1938 (via the CBS radio network).

Dracula was the first of The Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcasts.  Each story (mostly of classics such as Huckleberry Finn, A Tale of Two Cities, The Magnificent Ambersons and Heart of Darkness) was one-hour long.

Cast :

Main cast members of The Mercury Theatre on the Air:  Orson Welles, Martin Gabel, Ray Collins, Kenny Delmar, George Coulouris, Edgar Barrier, Paul Stewart, Everett Sloane, Joseph Cotten, Hiram Sherman, Erskin Sanford, Frank Readick, Agnes Moorehead, Alice Frost, Karl Swenson, William Alland

Announcer:  Dan Deymour

Orchestra:  Bernard Herrmann

  John Houseman

Director:  Orson Welles

Writers:  John Houseman, Howard Koch

Engineer:  John Dietz

Sound Effects:  James Rogan, Ray Kremer, Ora Nichol

Media Credits

Public Domain.  Online, courtesy Archive.org.


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