Racism in Hawaii - Drastic Native Hawaiian Population Loss from English and U.S. Intrusions

Then There Were None, is a book by Martha Noyes, and a documentary film by Elizabeth Kapu‘uwailani Lindsey Buyers, Ph.D. Their work details the decimation of the Native Hawaiian population through disease, immigration, cultural, and economic change brought by outsiders. A trailer giving a quick overview of the 30-minute documentary is provided here.

 "Then There Were None was born from unspoken words, unshed tears and wounded spirits. It is not a tale of blame or victimization. It is an effort to give voice to kupuna who became strangers in their own land- a land that once nourished their dreams and now cradles their bones. Without these stories Hawaii's history is incomplete." -- E. Buyers

"... a small but well-designed piece, essentially the script of a film Noyes wrote with Buyers, matched with old photos from the state archives... In spare but poetic English that matches the Hawaiian chants and poetry that are also part of the text, Noyes juxtaposes the photos with bits of history, anecdotes, excerpts from documents, and other revealing information." -- Honolulu Advertiser

"The essence of this book is simple. It is a countdown from 400,000 or maybe one million pure-blooded Hawaiians in 1778 to the 5,000 remaining today... This very small book, taken as it is intended, is one of the most powerful statements of what it means to be Hawaiian that you will ever have in your home unless you have a parade of Hawaiian families and ghosts around your dinner table." -- Maui Weekly


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