Duke of York - Disastrous Speech at Wembley

Prince Albert, known to his friends and family as "Bertie," has a new title - the Duke of York - when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon finally agrees to marry him.  They have a happy life together, but Bertie is still greatly bothered by his stammer.

When his father asks him to close the second season of the British Empire Exhibition - at Wembley Stadium - the Duke is extremely apprenhensive.  Nervous, even in the presence of his wife, his performance is off-the-mark. 

Although he has already worked with nine different speech therapists, the Duke agrees to meet with a new one - Lionel Logue.  For the first time he makes progress in understanding - and overcoming - his stammer.

Move the video forward, to 7:27, for a recreation of the Wembley speech.

Move the video forward, to 9:21, for a recreation of the Lionel Logue episode.


Media Credits

Clip from "Bertie & Elizabeth - The Story of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth," a 2002 television production.  Copyright, Carlton Television and Whitehall Films, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.  Online, courtesy PBS and YouTube.

Giles Foster

Nigel Williams


James Wilby - Bertie/Duke of York/George VI

Juliet Aubrey - Elizabeth

Alan Bates - George V

Eileen Atkins - Queen Mary

Charles Edwards - Edward VIII

Production Co:

Carlton Television and Whitehall Films

Also aired, on PBS, in 2002 and 2005 (WGBH)


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