An Unlikely Hero: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg - END of ONE NIGHTMARE - BEGINNING of ANOTHER

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In January of 1945, the Soviet Union finally liberated Budapest. When the Soviet soldiers came to the Red Cross center, where Raoul was staying, he told them of his concern for the 70,000 Jews who had been locked in the Central Ghetto.

These people, Wallenberg told the Soviet soldiers, were homeless, starving and sick. They needed immediate help. The soldiers told Raoul that he would have to appeal to their general, Marshall Malinovsky.

Four days later, Raoul was given permission to drive to the border of Hungary and Austria—where General Malinovsky was then located—to make his appeal. Soviet guards went with him.

Raoul was concerned that the guards were accompanying him, but he knew that the Soviet Union was an official ally of the United States and thought it was alright. When he said good-bye to his friends he commented:

I am not sure whether I am their guest or their prisoner.

Raoul Wallenberg was never seen in the free world again.

He was sent to a prison in the Soviet Union. The reason he was arrested has never been explained.

When Swedish officials asked the Soviets where Wallenberg was, they were told he had died. But others in the prison later said they had seen him as late as the 1980s.

What really happened to Raoul is still a mystery. But the heroic things he accomplished, in Hungary, will always be clear.

He was just an ordinary person who had the compassion, and the courage, to take action for what he knew was right. And because of him, more than 100,000 people escaped death at the hands of the Nazis.

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