Pope John XXIII: The Man Who Loved All People - Early Life

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Pope John XXII was born Angelo Roncalli in a small Italian village called Sotto il Monte – that translates “under the mountain”. The village was, in fact, nestled at the base of the large Bergamsque Mountains and not far from the lake region and Dolomiti Mountains.  He was born to Marianna and Giovanni Roncalli on a bitterly cold and rainy November day in 1881. Because the morality rate for infants was so high in this poor section of Italy, Angelo’s parents hurried to have him baptized and accepted into the Catholic religion on the very day he was born.

Everyone believed that Angelo would grow up to be a farmer in Sotto il Monte, just as generations of his family had done before him.  Angelo’s father, Giovanni (the Italian equivalent of John), worked hard to buy a very large house and many acres of land, which proved to be a good thing since the Roncalli family had 10 children.  They shared this home with Giovanni’s brother and wife and their 10 children. It was a noisy, busy household where all the children helped with chores and the farming, and the women and girls cooked large bountiful meals. Angelo was the oldest son, and was always full of energy and good humor.

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