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Edgar Poe was born at home, in Boston, in a house near Boston Common.  Today, the address of that home - depicted in this photo - is Carver Street, #62.

This photograph, online courtesy Boston Public Library, was taken sometime between 1931-1933.  The Library provides more information about Poe's birthplace:

The house in which Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston is still standing on Carver St., #62, not far from Boston Common, just below Stuart St. on the left side going south.  It is a plain, brick house, three stories high with basement and attic, and the brass knocker on the door is probably the same one that was there when Poe was born in the house, Jan. 19, 1809.

At that time, the name of that section of Carver St. was Haskins St., as the property from that point to Washington St. was owned by a man named Haskins. 

The house in which Poe was born was built by Henry Haviland in 1801.  Several families, including Poe's parents, lived in the house in 1809. 

Early in 1924, the Boston Authors' Club put a memorial tablet to Edgar Allan Poe on a building at the corner of Fayette St. and Poe Sq., supposing that the house in which Poe was born stood at or near that spot.  That "spot" is the same distance from the house in which Poe was born.

The exact facts regarding Poe's birthplace were dug out of the archives of the city of Boston - or rather the town of Boston - by Walter K. Hawkins of the Bostonian Society and published in the Boston Globe.  He found from the tax lists and from the Registry of Deeds that the Poes lived at 62 Carver St. when Edgar Allan Poe was born.

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Photo of Poe's birthplace, online courtesy Boston Public Library via Flickr.



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