Einstein - A Patent Clerk in Bern

Einstein’s father tried to help his son get a job because Albert was unable to find work on his own.  Meanwhile ... Mileva Maric, his university sweetheart whom he called “Dolly,” was not the person his parents wanted as their daughter-in-law.

Albert and Mileva’s early letters, uncovered by their granddaughter in 1986, reveal how deeply the two initially loved each other.  They could not marry, however, until Albert got a job - which he finally did, in Bern, as a patent clerk.

Mileva and Albert had a daughter, Lieserl, out-of-wedlock.  But as a new civil servant, Einstein was worried.  What would happen to his position if word leaked out that he and his girlfriend had a child?

Media Credits

From Einstein Revealed, starring Andrew Sachs as Einstein, part three.  Online, courtesy PBS.  Copyright PBS NOVA, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the program.

You can watch the entire NOVA documentary, Einstein Revealed, online at PBS.  You can also purchase the 120-minute DVD at PBS.


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