Ejected Irish Family in Earthen Shelter

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Because of the widespread damage caused by the potato blight, Irish tenant-farmers were unable to keep-up with the rental payments on their homes.  

The law allowed landlords to eject late-payers from their rented houses.  After landlords forcibly ejected tenant-farming families (including children) from their homes, the families had nowhere to go.

This image, from the December 16, 1848 issue of The London Illustrated News (ILN), depicts what one homeless family did "The Day after the Ejectment."  They tried to make a home in a makeshift earthen lean-to.

The ILN provides this description for the drawing:

The ditch side, the dripping rain, and the cold sleet are the covering of the wretched outcast the moment the cabin is tumbled over him; for who dare give him shelter or protection from ‘the pelting of the pitiless storm?’ Who has the temerity to afford him the ordinary rites of hospitality, when the warrant has been signed for his extinction?

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Media Credits

Image online, courtesy The Wild Geese Heritage Museum and Library, Galway, Ireland.  This illustration was originally published in the Illustrated London News, December 16, 1848.




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