Elizabeth Packard - At Jacksonville State Hospital

Illustration depicts Elizabeth Packard at Jacksonville State Hospital

Elizabeth Packard had no say in the matter when her husband committed her to the Jacksonville State Hospital.  The law of Illinois allowed this event to occur.

The "insane asylum" was managed by Dr. Andrew McFarland who agreed with Mr. Packard's assertion that Elizabeth was insane.

This illustration - depicting Elizabeth taking her husband's arm, hoping to change his mind that she should stay in the asylum - appears in Mrs. Packard's book, Modern Persecution, Vol I - opposite page 192 - which was published in 1873. 

The caption - "Not Alienated" - refers to the manner in which Mrs. Packard behaved toward her husband in this scene.  (See page 84 for the text discussion regarding this part of the story.)

The other pictures, inserted into the main illustration, depict scenes from Packard's life:

No. 1 - Mr. Packard taking leave of Dr. McFarland!  (See the book, at page 86.)

No. 2 - Mr. Packard throwing kisses to his wife!  (See the book, at page 87.)

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Media Credits

Illustrations from Modern Persecution, Volume I, by Elizabeth Packard, published in 1873 by "the authoress."  Printed and bound by Pelletreau & Raynor, New York City.  Online, courtesy Archive.org. 


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