Elizabeth Packard - Son Chases Train

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When her husband declared that she was insane, and ordered her to the Jacksonville State Hospital, Elizabeth Packard refused to leave her home by walking out on her own two feet.  She also refused to walk onto the train which would ferry her to the insane asylum.

Instead, her husband's supporters carried her out of the family's home, then onto the train, as depicted in this illustration.

When her children learned their mother had been taken from them, one of her sons ran after the train.  His objective was to find his mother and bring her home.

The following is the caption for the main image, found in Packard’s 1873 book, Modern Persecution, Volume I:

Kidnapping Mrs. Packard.

In addition, the following supportive narrative is found at page 59 of the same book:

Is there no man in this crowd to protect this woman!

The image insets - also from the 1873 edition of Modern Persecution, Volume I - have the following narratives:

No. 1 - And this is the protection you promised my Mother!  What is your gas worth to me!   (Modern Persecution, Vol 1, page 61.)

No. 2 - I will get my dear Mamma out of prison!  My Mamma shan't be locked up in a prison!   (Modern Persecution, Vol 1, page 62.)


Media Credits

Illustrations of Elizabeth Packard, from her book Modern Persecution, Volume I, published in 1873 by "the authoress."  Printed and bound by Pelletreau & Raynor, New York City.  Online, courtesy Archive.org. 


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