Elizabeth Packard - "We Have no Mother"

Illustration from Elizabeth Packard-

On the day he planned to commit his wife to the State Hospital in Jacksonville, Theophilus Packard sent his children on errands so they would not be home when their mother was forced to leave. 

When two of the children returned, they learned - from their friends - that their mother had been sent away.  (See pages 60 and 61 of Modern Persecution.)

This illustration of the scene - entitled "George, We Have No Mother!" - is from Modern Persecution, Elizabeth Packard's 1873 book about her travails (Volume I, opposite page 128).

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Illustration from Modern Persecution, Vol 1 (opposite page 128), by Elizabeth Packard, published in 1873 by "the authoress."  Printed and bound by Pelletreau & Raynor, New York City.  Online, courtesy Archive.org. 


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