English Civil War - Lord Protector Cromwell

During Cromwell’s tenure as head of government, some of the people (ex-royals) were burdened with a ten-percent income tax without their consent.  The money was used to compensate Major Generals who would help to run the country.  

Cromwell summoned another Parliament to help deal with the controversial issue, but many of the new MPs became increasingly concerned about Cromwell's power.  

Members pondered this question:  What if Parliament made Oliver Cromwell king?  Parliament, however, had already killed a King .. why appoint another one?  

The issue came down to the central question of power.  British kings had to negotiate with Parliament - something which Cromwell was not doing.  Would naming him "king" thereby curb his powers?  

Cromwell, himself, declined the title, but he was "king in all but name."  Given the title "Lord Protector," he had more powers than any British monarch of recent memory.

The question of Cromwell's title, and his power, were soon moot points.  Two years after he became Lord Protector, Oliver became ill and died.  Never called a king, he was nonetheless buried as a monarch.

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This video clip, from Dr. David Starkey's documentary on the British monarchy (Monarchy with David Starkey) helps us to understand what happened.  Online, courtesy BBC Worldwide Channel at YouTube.


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