English Longbow - Battle Scene at Agincourt

WARNING:  This recreated battle scene, based on Shakespeare's play, Henry V, depicts graphic scenes of medieval warfare.

The English longbow gave British armies a distinct advantage during medieval times. At the battle of Agincourt, for example, disproportionate losses (between the French and the English) were due, in large measure, to the longbow.

This video clip, the "Nothing but Shame" segment of Shakespeare's Henry V (brought to the screen, in 1989, by Kenneth Branagh), demonstrates why the longbow was so feared and effective.

Media Credits

Clip from Henry V (1989), directed by (and starring) Kenneth Branagh.

Directed by    
Kenneth Branagh

Produced by    
Bruce Sharman

Screenplay  (based on Henry V, the play by William Shakespeare) 
Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh
Derek Jacobi
Brian Blessed
Paul Scofield
Emma Thompson
Michael Maloney
Richard Briers
Robbie Coltrane
Judi Dench
Ian Holm
Robert Stephens
Christian Bale
Geraldine McEwan

Michael Bradsell

November 8, 1989

Running time: 137 min


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