Ernst Stromer and Dinosaur Bones

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Ernst Stromer (1870-1952) was a German paleontologist who made significant contributions to the study of dinosaurs.

Not long before World War I erupted in Europe, Stromer - whose full name was Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach - made a trip to Egypt where he found very large fossilized bones buried in the desert. 

At the end of this January-February 1911 trip, Stromer brought his finds to Germany.  When he wrote-up his analysis, he announced that he’d discovered a new sauropod genus (which he called Aegyptosaurus) and two extremely large theropods (Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus).

Spinosaurus, said Stromer, was even bigger than an adult T. rex.

During World War II, Stromer lost his fossils when the Royal Air Force bombed Munich in 1944.

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Image of Ernst Stromer, with one of his fossils, online via Wikimedia Commons.




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