Escobar Orders the Death of Luis Carlos Galán

Luis Carlos Galán was extremely upset with the actions of drug lords in Colombia.

A journalist-turned-politician, Galán aimed to do something to stop, or greatly hinder, the drug-trading industry in his country.

Then he learned that one of the most-notorious drug lords in all of Colombia—Pablo Escobar—was a member of Galán’s own political party.

Ostracizing Escobar, from their political party, was one of the things Galán did in 1989. Another thing he did, that year, was to become a presidential candidate.

Escobar retaliated against Galán by ordering his assassination. About to become Colombia’s next president, Galán was murdered on August 18, 1989.

In this image, we see Luis Carlos Galán with his young son Juan Manuel during a visit to Rome.

Once again, Escobar shocked the people of Colombia with his brazen actions.

Once again, government officials increased their resolve to stop him.

Media Credits

Image of Luis Carlos Galán and his son, Juan Manuel, while in Rome online via Nicholas Entel, producer of the documentary “Sins of My Father.”


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