Eugene Sledge - End of Battle at Peleliu

As the battle for Peleliu dragged on, the Marines began to wonder if anyone would leave the island alive.  Attacking the ridges became especially difficult, especially when K/3/5 lost their beloved commander, Captain Andrew Haldane.  It was, Sledge later wrote, like losing a parent.

After 74 days on Peleliu, the fight was finally over.  Company K, 3d battalion, 5th Marines, sustained 64% casualties.  Only two officers remained.

"Something inside me died at Peleliu," Sledge later observed.  It was a horrible place for young Marines to become men.

Barely five months later, Sledge sailed into another nightmare - the Battle for Okinawa.  Before the Marines even landed at that island, the men were told they could expect beach-landing casualties of 80-85% - not a good way to begin a protracted fight.

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Image:  Capt. Andrew ("Ack Ack") Haldane - K/3/5 Skipper

Media Credits

Clip from "Sledgehammer:  Old Breed Marine," by Lou Reda Productions.  Online, courtesy The History Channel.


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