Paul Revere: Treason Trial - FAILURE TO ATTACK

Although they mounted a 21-day siege with forces that greatly outnumbered the “Redcoats,” the Americans failed to take advantage of their position. Their leader, Commander Dudley Saltonstall did not believe his intelligence reports. When the Americans actually engaged the enemy, they were outnumbered (because the British had sent an Armada to the area).


Finally, 500 Americans converged near the fort. Inside, the British were preparing to surrender. But—the Americans still did not attack!

Weeks passed without an American offensive. When British land reinforcements arrived, the Americans still had the advantage but still failed to attack.

Finally, British ships arrived in Penobscot Bay. The Americans fled up the Penobscot River, where they were trapped.

Afraid the British would take their ships, the Americans (referred to as "rebels" by the Brits) burned at least seventeen of their own vessels before they ran home through the woods.

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