Assassination of John F. Kennedy - FATAL BULLETS

The U.S. National Archives maintains control of artifacts from President Kennedy's assassination. One of those items is the blood-stained shirt that JFK was wearing when he was fatally shot. Online via the U.S. National Archives. Public Domain.


Bullets that were fired at the Presidential motorcade, including fragments of the fatal bullet, are maintained at the U.S. National Archives. Photographs of those evidentiary items have also been digitized and can be viewed on-line.

  • Three small lead particles were found on the rug underneath the left jump seat of the President's limousine.
  • Fragments of the nose of a bullet were found at the front of the President's car during the investigation.
  • A metal fragment, filmed at high magnification, was removed from Governor Connally's wrist.

  • The famous "Magic Bullet," found on the stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital, filmed at high magnification with the nose of the bullet to the left.

  • Butt of Parkland Hospital bullet filmed at high magnification.
  • Nose of Parkland bullet filmed at high magnification.

The window of President Kennedy's limo was cracked by the shooting. It was removed from the car, marked as Warren Commission Exhibit 351, and stored in a wooden crate. The cracked glass is very visible in the Archive's digitized, marked photograph of the physical evidence.

Those were not the only bullets Oswald allegedly fired the afternoon of November 22, 1963.

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