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Frank Abagnale Jr reformed his life and now has a wife, three sons and grandchildren. As Steven Spielberg said, when he released Catch Me If You Can:  "I did not make this film about Frank Abagnale because of what he did ... but because of what he has done with his life the past 30 years." In this image, we see Frank and his family at about the time that the film was released.


A thoroughly engaging speaker who tells tales and entertains crowds, Frank Abagnale is clearly ashamed of his past crimes and antics. And he gives a huge amount of credit to his father, his wife and his country for helping him to succeed despite his youthful failures.

Today, Frank describes his father as:

...a Daddy who loved his children. He told you he loved you with his affection. Even when his children had grown, he always said, "I love you." He kissed us every night - even when we were older.

Frank could never tell his father how sorry he was. His dad died while Frank was in Perpignan prison.

As he speaks lovingly of his wife and children, a contrite Abagnale says:

God gave me a wife and children. Everything changed because of the love of a woman and the respect of my children.

Then, almost sounding like a preacher, he chides the audience:

A real man loves his wife. Next to God and country, a real man puts his wife and children first. Being a good husband and father is most important.

And, wistfully reflecting on his country—where he had the opportunity to start again—Abagnale observes:

This is a great country where everyone gets a second chance.

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