Father Francis ("Frank") Browne

Father Francis (

Francis ("Frank") Browne was known throughout the world, in 1912, when his photos of the Titanic were released. 

At the time of Titanic's maiden voyage, Browne received a wonderful gift from his Uncle Robert Browne (Bishop of Cloyne between 1894-1935).  Frank had a first-class ticket for the first part of the great ship's journey. 

The planned schedule, for the maiden voyage, was: 

  • April 10th - leave Cherbourg at 8:10 PM, heading toward Queenstown, Ireland (now known as Cobh);

Although someone offered to buy a ticket for Frank - so he could enjoy the entire voyage - his superior ordered him to leave the ship.

This photo depicts Father Browne later in life.


Media Credits

Photo of Father Francis Browne, SJ, in later life - online, courtesy FatherBrowne.com


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