Filipino Children Killed During Massacre

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Japanese forces in the Philippines became merciless toward civilians in Manila during February of 1945.  Even children were not spared.

Modesto Farolan, Acting Manager for the Philippine Red Cross, survived an attack on the hospital where he was working in February of 1945.  His account of what happened during the attack is included in the Report on the Destruction of Manila and Japanese Atrocities:  February 1945NOTE that this official report, of atrocities, is very difficult to read and its pictures are very disturbing.

The following is an excerpt of his story (on page 19 of the Report), split into additional paragraphs here:

From Sunday, 4 February, to 10 February, my staff of doctors and nurses worked continuously day and night, without let-up, hardly without sleep, food, etc., and without ever leaving the place, for since Tuesday the entire neighborhood was barricaded by the Japanese.

Suddenly, Saturday afternoon, a squad of Japanese soldiers entered the Red Cross building and began to shoot and bayonet everybody they found in the building.  Dr.de Venecia a voluntary surgeon, was preparing with an attendant two cases for operation.  Miss Rosario Andaya a nurse on volunteer duty, was out at the main corridor keeping order among the large crowd that filled the budding to overflowing.

As we heard the noise of rifle fire in every section of the building, Miss Andaya screamed for mercy to spare the lives of a mother and child beside her.  Before we knew what had happened, a soldier with drawn bayonet came into the temporary combined office room-ward where I was.  Dr. de Venezia who had just walked over to my corner, Misses Loverize and de Paz, both nurses, and an attendant, ducked into our respective corners for safety.

First, Dr.de Venezia was shot twice while he was seated at his corner. The soldier next aimed at the attendant beside him but missed her.  She threw herself over to where the two nurses had covered themselves with mattresses beside my desk and saw two patients crouching underneath. One bayonet thrust finished each of them.

Another bayonet thrust at the girl that had escaped the first shot caught Miss de Paz underneath. Looking underneath my desk, the soldier fired two shots at me but the bullets passed between my feet, scraping the bottom rim of my Red Cross steel helmet.  After me, he shot a young mother with her 10-day baby, along with her mother, the baby's grandmother, who was nursing the two. That, for all the Japanese knew, finished all of us in the room without exception.

More shootings went on around the rest of the building. From where we were we could hear victims in their death agony, the shrill cries of children and the sobs of dying mothers and girls ....

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Photo by U.S. Army Signal Corps; online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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