Flag-Raising at Iwo Jima - Newsreel Footage

In this news-reel clip we see 5th Division Marines advancing on Iwo Jima behind artillery, naval, and aerial bombardment.  Fighting on this significant Japanese island is extremely intense. 

The famous flag-raising takes place at 03:50 in this video.  The battle continued for weeks thereafter, before it was finally over. 

Once Iwo Jima was controlled by the Americans, Allied bombers had a place to land (while en route to the Japanese home islands).

Bill Genaust, the camera man who recorded this film footage (of the flag raising), died in the battle nine days later.

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This historical newsreel, now maintained at the U.S. National Archives, also depicts Iwo Jima bombardment (by the U.S. Navy) and battle scenes (involving U.S. Marines).


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