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Support Breakthrough Learning at Home!

  • Support student research, reading, critical thinking, subject matter acquisition, writing and citing.
  • Provide a vast trustworthy archive of primary sources for authentic media research.
  • Enjoy legendary and current stories with deep context as a family.
  • Give your students the StoryMakerTM to research, write and cite fictional stories, essays and reports.
  • Embrace the role of your child's first teacher with support from our MakerSpace for the Humanities!

AwesomeStories provides families with a way to support their students' core learning achievement at the same time it provides experience with 21st-century research tools and archives with multimedia primary sources.

Multimedia makes the lessons real and current so contemporary students feel they are getting modern and engaging course material.

The world-renowned archives providing views of real evidence surrounding historical, scientific, cultural events and achievements give students a view of the wider world that is reliable and accurate.

An important benefit of using AwesomeStories is that parents and schools can be sure that the primary source evidence provided is real and true. Students using AwesomeStories become accustomed to high quality reliable sources. They learn to use archives from around the world, develop important lifelong research and source evaluation capabilities. 

AwesomeStories film, book, current event, history, STEM and other stories contain engaging stories and levels of context, parents can explore the stories with 3rd graders, middle or high school and even college student children. This provides a way for a family to enjoy rich time together while learning critical subject matter and reasoning skills.

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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 105stories and lessons created

Original Release: Jun 21, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Feb 29, 2020

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