Francis ("Frank") Browne - Titanic Photographer

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Before Francis Browne became a priest, his Uncle Robert (serving as the young-man's guardian) gave him a trip and a camera.  The first trip was a tour of Europe. 

Another trip - a surprise for April, 1912 - was first-class passage on the Titanic as she sailed between Southampton, England and Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland.

Browne began that journey in London, where he boarded the "Titanic Special" at Waterloo Station.  The train took Browne, and other Titanic passengers, to Southampton.

Browne - who left the ship in Queenstown - took many photographs of Titanic during his time onboard.  His photos are a now a legacy for everyone wanting to know more about Titanic and her maiden voyage.

This photo depicts Francis ("Frank") Browne as a young man.  Click on the image for a slightly enlarged view.


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Photo of Francis Browne, as a young man - online, courtesy FatherBrowne.com


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