Frank Browne Letter - Passage on the Titanic

Frank Browne Letter that he received from his uncle regarding passage on the Titanic

This image depicts the letter enclosing a wonderful present given to Frank Browne, a theology student at Milltown Park (in Dublin), from his Uncle Robert (the Bishop of Cloyne).  It was a ticket for the first two legs of Titanic's maiden voyage.  Frank would sail from Southampton to Cherbourg, then from Cherbourg to Queenstown (now known as Cobh) in County Cork, Ireland.

Later known as Father Browne - he wasn't ordained at the time of Titanic's voyage - Frank took the only known surviving pictures of Titanic as she sailed from Southampton to Ireland.

The following description is from Titanic Photographs:

Note that despite the letter being addressed to Father Browne, Frank was not a priest at the time. He was due for ordination in 1915. The Irish mail service was a lot faster in 1912 than it is today. The letter with its precious enclosure would have been delivered to the Bishop's Palace on the afternoon of the third of April and would certainly have made one of the three three deliveries next day.

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Image online, courtesy Titanic Photographs.


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