Fritz-Julius Lemp - Enigma Codes from U-110

The North Atlantic seas south of Iceland were relatively calm on May 9, 1941 as a British convoy made its way from England to Nova Scotia. Lurking nearby was U-110, commanded by Fritz-Julius Lemp. 

Following an attack by the Royal navy, Lemp’s U-boat yielded a treasure: his enigma machine and its current codes.  The story of the British attack, on Lemp’s German submarine, was the basis of the movie U-571

To see the real Fritz-Julius Lemp (who died in the attack on his U-boat), move the video forward, to 00:51, in this German-language, historical-footage documentary.

Media Credits

Clip from AufTauchen zeight, a German-language production about diving and U-boats.  Online, courtesy YouTube.



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