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After serving about 20 years in the federal prison system, George Jung is released in 2014. He has a personal observation about prison life:  "The greatest thing taken away from you in there is love, and 20 years without love is devastating."


Caught again in 1988, George made the deal of his life the following year. As the first witness in the government's case against Carlos Lehder (who had lost his extradition battle), George (with Pablo Escobar's blessing) testified in a Jacksonville, Florida courtroom.

The U.S. Attorney who tried the Lehder case did his homework. The trial took months. George's testimony lasted days and filled hundreds of pages of transcript. In the end, Carlos was convicted and sentenced to life with no possibility of parole plus 135 years. The judge was trying to send a message to other cocaine traffickers.

In exchange for his testimony, George walked away from his sentence. He delivered fish for awhile on the Cape, but it wasn't long before he was back in the smuggling business.

Caught again, with no more deals to make, he served time in the federal prison system.  He was finally released, in 2014, at the age of 72.

In an interview which George gave—on September 26, 2014—he had a few things to say about life in prison and life in the drug-selling world:

What [prison] does is it rips your heart apart and your soul… the greatest thing taken away from you in there is love and 20 years without love is devastating.

Does he have advice for people who think the path he took was a good one?

Don’t do it. Because if you get caught—and eventually you will get caught—it will destroy your life.

Ever the deal-maker, Carlos testified against Panamanian General (and former President) Manuel Noriega. Despite the protests of officials like Robert Merkle, the U.S. Attorney who had tried Lehder, the "powers that be" granted Lehder some kind of consideration. To this day, his whereabouts are secret.

What happened to Pablo Escobar was no secret, however.

Hunted by both Colombians and Americans (in a covert U.S. military operation), the drug lord eluded capture for more than a year. Initially turning himself in, he "did time" in a place that looked more like a home than a prison. When he grew tired of it, he simply walked away.

It took 15 months to track him down.

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