Galileo - Accusations and Trial

In 1616, Galileo had agreed not to teach the Copernican theory.  Church officials interpreted his Dialogue as a violation of that agreement.  Galileo disagreed, but his position on the subject hardly mattered.  Facing serious charges, Galileo was detained.
Sister Maria Celeste - Galileo's daughter - learned about his difficulties.  Found guilty, he was "condemned" to imprisonment in the "Holy Office."  Given a chance to recant, so he would not have to spend the rest of his life in a dungeon, Galileo did so.
At the time, he was 70 years old.  Wearing the robes of a penitent, he told Church officials that he cursed, and detested, any heresies which he may have ever espoused.
The Church banned his Dialogue.  The book remained banned for the next 200 years.
Galileo thought Pope Urban VIII would help him, because they were friends, but the Pope was fighting the Protestant Reformation at the same time as Galileo faced his accusers.  The Pope, in other words, had bigger issues to face than those involving his friend.
Six months after his conviction, Galileo was allowed to return to his Tuscan home.  Although in his own house, he was confined to the premises.  He could neither teach nor travel without the Church's permission. 
Resenting his circumstances, Galileo began to sign his letters:  "From my prison."
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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5155stories and lessons created

Original Release: May 18, 2013

Updated Last Revision: Apr 15, 2015

Media Credits

Clip from "Galileo's Battle for the Heavens," a NOVA Production by Green Umbrella, LTD for WGBH/Boston (in association with Channel 4).  Copyright 2002 - WGBH Educational Foundation, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the 2002 production.   Online, courtesy NOVA and YouTube.


Transcript of entire program online, courtesy NOVA.

Written and Produced by:
David Axelrod

Directed by:
Peter Jones

Narrated by:

Liev Schreiber

Simon Callow - Galileo
Laura Nardi - Maria Celeste
John Fraser - the Inquisitor
Alexa Jago - Voice of Maria Celeste
Cornelius Garrett - Voices of the Ambassador and Castelli


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