Galileo - Summary of His Career

Galileo - according to many scholars - was the creator of modern science.  His experiments laid the foundations for modern physics. 

An ambitious man, Galileo was both a mathematician (who saw things objectively) and a philosopher (who subjectively thought about nature). He challenged the beliefs and values of his own society and of the Catholic Church (as those beliefs related to scientific inquiry).

Although he was a faithful Catholic, who gave his daughter to the Church (to serve as a nun), Galileo questioned the Church's view of the world.  Imprisoned in his own home, he continued to ponder issues which interested him. 

A religious man, he believed the Bible but did not view it as an astronomy textbook.  Disagreeing with church leaders on the point, he didn't think God had intended the Bible to be used for such a purpose.

His thinking and writings got him into serious trouble with Church "authorities."

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Media Credits

Clip from "Galileo's Battle for the Heavens," a NOVA Production by Green Umbrella, LTD for WGBH/Boston (in association with Channel 4).  Copyright 2002 - WGBH Educational Foundation, all rights reserved. Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the 2002 program.   Online, via NOVA and YouTube.

Transcript of entire program online, courtesy NOVA.

Written and Produced by:
David Axelrod

Directed by:
Peter Jones

Narrated by:

Liev Schreiber

Simon Callow - Galileo
Laura Nardi - Maria Celeste
John Fraser - the Inquisitor
Alexa Jago - Voice of Maria Celeste
Cornelius Garrett - Voices of the Ambassador and Castelli


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