Gauguin's Chair, 1888

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Vincent painted the chair of his friend, Paul Gauguin, during the late fall of 1888.  Gauguin's Chair is now owned by the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Of this painting, the van Gogh Museum web site provides the following information:

Standing on a colorful carpet is a chair of dark brown wood, with curved backrests and an upholstered seat, upon which books lie. It is evening or nighttime, the space is illuminated by gaslight. With great sureness of touch, Van Gogh painted the blue shadows and reflections thrown by the lamplight onto the shining wood of the chair. This painting of his friend’s chair was made in November 1888, when Gauguin was staying with Van Gogh in the so-called Yellow House.

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Quoted passage from the van Gogh Museum's web page on Gauguin's Chair

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