General Stonewall Jackson - Lee's Right-Hand Man

General Stonewall Jackson is known as one of the Confederate Army's most-brilliant strategists and as General Lee's right-hand man.

Jackson was left without his parents, at the age of seven, when his father died of typhoid fever and his mother died in childbirth.

After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy, Jackson served two years in the "Mexican War," where he met Robert E. Lee (who later became commanding general of Confederate forces during America's Civil War).

After the Mexican War, Jackson took a position at VMI (Virginia Military Institute). When the War between the States erupted, Jackson was at the first battle (of Bull Run, also known as First Manassas) on the Confederate side. He earned his nickname—"Stonewall"—at First Bull Run (in July of 1861).

Jackson's troops were very fond of their leader. One of his men, John S. Robson, wrote a book about Jackson and his battle campaigns.

The devotion which Jackson’s troops had for their leader comes through in Robson’s work, entitled: How a One-Legged Rebel Lives: Reminiscences of the Civil War: The Story of the Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson, as Told by a High Private in the "Foot Cavalry."

Among many other reasons why Jackson was held in such high regard by his men was his actual presence during battles. This caused his soldiers to develop unwavering faith in him.

Robson writes that the Confederacy’s early successes were, in large measure, due to the close partnership between Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and the battle strategies they developed together. He also expresses his opinion that had Jackson lived just a few more months—so he could have fought at Gettysburg—the Confederates may have won America’s Civil War.

This portrait of Stonewall Jackson was painted by William Garl Browne, Jr., circa 1869. Since it was created after Jackson's death, Browne would have used a source for his work (such as a photo or a daguerreotype).

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Painting of General Stonewall Jackson by William Garl Browne, Jr., circa 1869. Online via NCPedia. Public Domain.


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