German Blitzkrieg - The Fall of Holland

This is a German newsreel - UFA Ton Woche No. 506 - advising the German people on the fall of The Netherlands and the Battle for Belgium. 

The clip, summarizing events from the week of the 15th of May, 1940, includes historical footage of the Battle for Holland.  With overpowering force, Germany forced the Dutch to surrender within a short period of time.

The following provides the clip’s narration, in English:

May 15, 1940. UFA Tonwoche No. 506. The crossing of the Dutch border is conducted in thick morning fog. The bridges over the Juliana Canal have been for the most part been readied.

The military engineers have constructed what is necessary in a short time. Here is a military pontoon bridge. Advance across the border roads. A tank easily removes a Dutch road obstacle.

In a sudden attack the bridge over the Juliana Canal has been taken before the Dutch could blow it up.

At this crossing a short but bitter fight took place in the early morning hours, but the enemy was quickly thrown back.

German troops on the Albert Canal. The Belgians could only manage to blow up a part of the bridge. The remainder of the explosives are removed by military engineers. The first Belgian prisoners. The advance continues without halting.

Wherever German troops encounter resistance, it is broken with all weapons. The numerous watercourses and canals in Holland and Belgium pose an additional difficulty for the German troops. However, there is no stopping. All the obstacles are quickly overcome.

After a quick fight, the garrison at the bridge at Maastricht surrenders to the advancing German troops.

Media Credits

German Weekly Newsreel - UFA Ton Woche No. 506 - for the week of May 15, 1940.  Clip online, courtesy Skoblin’s channel at YouTube.



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