Getman Painting - Abandoned Mining Camp

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Innocent people were sent to the GULAG where they spent many long years suffering under terrible conditions.  Even after they were released, the stigma of being a forced laborer stayed with them.

When camps were abandoned - like the one featured in this illustration by Nikolai Getman - people were abandoned, too.  Sometimes they were already dead.  Sometimes they died later.  However it was that people died, in the GULAG’s abandoned camps, their skeletal remains were visible years later.

Getman discovered an abandoned mining labor camp many years after he was released from the GULAG.  Free from the shackles himself, he was on a fishing trip and was saddened to see skeletal remains strewn about on the ground.

Nikolai Getman’s original oil-on-canvas, depicted in this image, measures 37 x 42.3 inches.  Getman entrusted its care to the Jamestown Foundation. 

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Image, described above, online courtesy Jamestown Foundation.



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