Giganotosaurus and Indominus Rex

Giganotosaurus—the “Giant Southern Lizard”—lived, in South America, during the Mid-Cretaceous period.

Around 40-45 feet long, Giganotosaurus weighed around 8 tons and walked—upright—on two powerfully large legs. With its thin and pointed tail providing balance, this dinosaur was likely able to make quick turns while running.

The creature had a massive skull, about the size of man. Paleontologists believe it likely had a good sense of smell and good eyesight.

Because of its enormous size, Giganotosaurus likely had no natural predators. Living before T. rex, it probably fed on herbivore dinosaurs, easily slicing through the flesh of its prey.

Because no complete skeleton of this creature has ever been found, paleontologists (and artists) can only speculate about this massive creature. Among their speculations is that Giganotosaurus may have hunted in packs.

Scientists working at the Jurassic World “Hammond Creation Lab”—named after the theme park's founder, John Hammond—used the DNA of a Giganotosaurus to create the fearsome Indominus rex. What did that DNA likely contribute to I. rex?

Her size!

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