Grande Armee - Napoleonic Conquests

Napoleon, wanting to invade Britain, believes it is possible to tunnel under the English Channel to transport his troops.  Estimating a loss of 20,000 men, he thinks better of it, turning his attention eastward - to Austria and Russia.

Converging at Austerlitz, Napoleon sets a trap.  The Russian and Austrian armies are headed by their imperial leaders, but both greatly underestimate Bonaparte.

Ordering his troops to evacuate Austerlitz at dawn, Napoleon mingles with his men the night before battle.  The next day he executes one of history's most brilliant military maneuvers, defeating both Austria and Russia. 

After great success on the battlefield, and thirteen years of marriage to Josephine, Napoleon still has no heir.  Lack of a son weighs heavily on his mind as he contemplates his succession.

Media Credits

This video clip, from the Discovery Channel series on Conquerors: Napoleon Bonaparte / Alexander the Great, is directed by Nigel Maslin and Robert Marshall.  It is narrated by Larry Lewman. Copyright, Discovery Communications, all rights reserved. Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the program.


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