Great Depression Bachelor Cabins

Men who left their families, seeking work elsewhere, lived in places like these. Called "Bachelor Cabins," they were mostly shacks where desperate men tried to earn a living to support their families.

Lewis Hine, while working for the federal government to document the working conditions of Americans, took this photo sometime between 1936-37. It is maintained at the U.S. National Archives, where it has this original caption:

Paterson, New Jersey - Textiles. Bachelor shacks in outskirts of Paterson, on "Molly Jan Brook." About 25 men live there now (some of them old silk workers) and stay there all winter. Man in one view worked in silk up to 5 years ago. On relief now.

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Media Credits

Photo by Lewis Hine, working for the federal government in the National Research Project, 1936-37. National Archives and Records Administration ARC Identifier 518625. Image online, courtesy the U.S. National Archives. Public Domain.


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