Great Depression - Living in Tents

In 1939, a migrant family—one of many in America at the time—pitches a tent on the outskirts of Hammond, Louisiana. The family is picking strawberries, during the spring of 1939, to earn a meager living.

The boy, in the picture, has just returned from the city dump where he found some springs the family will use to fashion beds.

The photo is by Russell Lee, on behalf of the U.S. Farm Security Administration, and is online via the Library of Congress. It was taken in April of 1939.

The photographer provides the following description of the public-domain photo:

Migratory strawberry pickers camp on outskirts of Hammond, Louisiana. Boy carrying springs had just obtained them at city dump. These springs are used for beds.

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Media Credits

Image online via the Library of Congress; Russell Lee, photographer. Reproduction number: LC-USF33-012116-M4 (b&w film nitrate neg.) LC-DIG-fsa-8a25792 (digital file from original neg.) Public Domain.


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