Great Fire of 1871 - Peshtigo Burns

While the Great Fire of 1871 was terrorizing people in Chicago, a town located 250 miles to the north - Peshtigo, Wisconsin - was also burning.  With a raging fire all around them, residents tried to flee.  But ... where could they find safety?

This clip, from the Weather Channel's "100 Biggest Weather Moments," provides more background about "The Forgotten Fire" of 1871.

Although Chicago received most of the publicity (and national aid), the fire in Wisconsin was much more deadly. Peshtigo (and its environs) lost about 1200 people; Chicago lost around 300. Property damage in Wisconsin was $169 million; Chicago’s losses were about the same.

To this day, Peshtigo’s fire - which began on October 8, 1871 - ranks as the deadliest fire in American history.


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Clip online, courtesy The Weather Channel.


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