Great White Sharks

As they drifted at sea, the castaways were visited by a Great White.  One of the most fearsome of all sea creatures, Great Whites like to use the element of surprise when they attack.

Fortunately for Zamperini, Phillips and McNamara, the Great White who found them left after about an hour of badgering their life raft.  Louie later said it seemed like the encounter lasted the whole night.

This clip, from the BBC's Planet Earth, demonstrates the power of a Great White - and what damage even one can cause.

After the war, when Louie talked about his experiences on the life raft, he told the Great-White tale.  A scientist reproached him, saying that Great Whites never migrate that far in the South Pacific.  Recent scientific research, however, indicates that Great Whites do, indeed, migrate much farther south than experts had earlier believed.

Media Credits

Clip from the BBC's "Planet Earth," narrated by David Attenborough.  Online, courtesy BBC Worldwide Channel at YouTube.


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