Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - Hanging Out at The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Matthew Correia

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The Hanging Gardens are full of wonder, mystery, and controversy. Many doubt its existence because of the levels of complexity and architecture it would have required for the structure to have been possible. The location is still being disputed and some say it was just a legend. The Hanging Garden was theorized to have been created by the Assyrians and King Sennacherib but the most popular theory is that it was created by Babylonians with the King Nebuchadnezzar II. 

Many believe it was a luxurious palace with tall pillars and greenery everywhere which included trees, reeds and bushes, and was built with multiple tiers that were shaped like a theatre. This supports the idea that the gardens were fit for a queen and otherwise would not have been full of greenery or even have been made a garden. 

Is it a love story? One theory previously stated the garden was created to impress King Nebuchadnezzar II's wife because she was homesick from her original land in Iran and the lush greenery it featured. According to the theory, the gardens were built with a complex irrigation and support system that had not been seen before and were specifically invented for it. However following on the belief that it was created by the Assyrians and King Sennacherib, there has been no mention of Nebuchadnezzar's wife Amyitis (or any other wives) supporting the idea that it was made by someone else. 


There are five principal writers whose descriptions of Babylon are extant in some form today. Most of the writers seemed to use the same sources to create their stories. According to Wikipedia: “These writers concern themselves with the size of the Hanging Gardens, their overall design and means of irrigation, and why they were built.”

Along with the Hanging Gardens, the king built a grand palace that came to be known as “The Marvel of Mankind.” Also supporting that King Nebuchadnezzar built the gardens is the knowledge that he was known to have constructed an astonishing array of temples, streets, palaces and walls throughout his reign.



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