Heroic Rescues at the Normandy Beaches

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As assault troops tried to reach shore in their landing craft, some of them were tossed-into the water when their vessels sank (from German mines or fire power).  This image depicts what could happen when the landing craft was ruined. 

Included in OMAHA Beachhead (6 June--13 June 1944), Chapter 3 (“D-Day:  The Landings”), at page 46, the image there provides more details:

MEN FROM WRECKED LANDING CRAFT are being rescued by life lines carried out to them from the beach. Medical corps personnel performed many acts of heroism, working under fire to bring up the wounded men left on the tidal flat and threatened by rising tide.

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Media Credits

From the "American Forces in Action Series," OMAHA Beachhead (6 June--13 June 1944) was compiled by the Historical Division of the War Department. 

Of this series, General George C. Marshall (then Chief of Staff) said:


AMERICAN FORCES IN ACTION is a series prepared by the War Department especially for the information of wounded men. It will show these soldiers, who have served their country so well, the part they and their comrades played in achievement which do honor to the record of the United States Army.


Image described above, online, courtesy HyperWar Foundation and iBiblio - The Public's Library and Digital Archive at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).



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